Does Phil Understand Business?

Project 7 isn’t going to stop popping up into my head as one of the dumbest blunders of Phil’s entire career. This of Phil’s peak. He had a massively successful channel, his patreon hit the $5,000 a month goal to make Project 7, and the people were loving it. To this day, they are among some of the most viewed videos on his channel. And he scrapped it because “It was loosing me money guys!” and then ontop of all that, he moved partly motivated by taxes.

First off, you can’t buy good will with your audience. And Project 7 was doing just that. It was suppose to be for them, and if it had continued, it might be remembered as a project that started as a goofy larp that blossomed into a whole new venture like Rooster Teeth managed with Red vs Blue. Oh, but it was eating into his super short term profits and he manages to piss off his only 2 friends and editing team because he was an autistic sperg.

The as he’s giving his audience the middle finger, he decides to go into dept by well over $250,000… you need to be Sony big before flat out moving to a whole other state for lower taxes makes sense. Dude still hasn’t even come close to saving that in state taxes, which is funny because one of the many things that fucked him so hard that he needed to file bankruptsy was those state taxes he completely ignored.

Which damn, that’s another one! Alleged finance major doesn’t even get the basic idea you get a tax guy in that state specifically to avoid moments like knowledge gaps that make the IRS put you under the microscope.

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Phil admitted that his goal with Project 7 was to get Machinima to pick up the series.

Phil went out of his way to email the company about it, and once they watched the videos, they told Phil that they were “concerned with the overall tone” and they were unsure if their audience would respond positively to it. Machinima didn’t want it on their main channel, or their Respawn channel.

However, Respawn did eventually air the series, and it fucking flopped, which is probably part of the reason why Phil stopped doing the series. (Which, to your point, is all about money.)

( 43:32 )

Project 7 is another example of Phil having zero self awareness. He thought the videos were hilarious, and that Machinima would definitely want the series, when it’s very fucking obvious to everyone that the videos are dogshit and no serious company would want anything to do with them.

My point still stands though. This was for his childish immature fans, the videos were getting watched and for the size of his channel, 200k views is an absolutely insane fan response. It takes a lot to get a video to have more views than the channel has subscribers. Phil’s the one that for some odd reason, tried to get it picked up by Machinma despite Project 7 not even being that, it was a Patreon goal.

I think the whole Project 7 thing, especially in those days of YouTube, he was PULLING in MASSIVE views. This was still at a time YouTube paid you by the view, not by the metrics they have today. However, Phil has short sighted views of how he lives his life.

I know Machinima didn’t pick it up, but a lot of the things they did, it was picked up by other content creators like “Mario in real life”, for example. However, once it didn’t get picked up by Machinima, and even they told him it was “dogshit”, he dropped it.

Now, if Phil was SMART, he would’ve paid Respect The Pack, keep in mind, this was when Phil was making BANK, hire a screenwriter to clean up the language and bring in another editor, who knows what would’ve happened. It could’ve gotten the Rooster Teeth treatment: get a fat check, do it for awhile, and move onto other projects. Hell, John Rambo moved into doing film and he won a few awards at the New York Film Festival.

However, because Machinima didn’t pick it up, it was “loosing money.” Yeah, that new BMW in Phil’s driveway wasn’t a wasn’t a sign that the series was losing money.

Even to this day, he still has all the Project 7 merch that was originally at Jordans house that Phil used as a giveaway when he scammed people on Pateron for his Project 7 reboot…well, it was a Project 7 reboot TRAILER! TRAILER! Which, by the way, never was released.

It’s like if you owned a sandwich shop, and your most loyal patrons helped create an new menu item for you to sell. But the local newspaper didn’t want to include it in the “Must try new items!” page, and despite it being a huge hit with your actual customers, you took it off the menu and then banned anyone demanding it be put back on because you’re the guy with the “sussessful” business.