DSP and the oncoming iceberg of Bankruptcy 2: Electric Bugaloo..The Search For More Money!

This is just a theory, as Phil is kind of boring right now, but with the way Phil is dropping THOUSANDS of dollars into WWE Champions, and is now in 4th place in gacha - God, I swear, his whole life is being in 4th place, but it lead me to this theory - I think Phil is heading towards Bankruptcy 2: The search for more money! Recently, he’s dropped damn near $6500 into gacha. Anyone that isn’t a mature adult with a business degree realizes that kind of spending isn’t healthy long term. Yeah, it’s good for now, as he’s getting getting tips and his YouTube check is still healthy, but he has to know, somewhere in the deep spaces of his frontal cortex, that kind of spending isn’t meant to be for long term. Unless you have money falling out of your ass, that addiction to spending more money onto bullshit. This is what I see for Daddy Philly cheesesteak.

  1. That YouTube check, while healthy now, is going to get lowered. Something is going to happen, as the economy starts to get depressed, people are going to start cutting expenses for other things, etc…and I think once tips start to dry up, he is going to start dipping more and more into his YouTube check. Hell, during the bank leaks, he has done this before to go to gacha. That trend is going to continue.

  2. Dents are going to start to disappear and others will not be replaced. Phil knows that there are other dents that always take the place of another dent. For every PlanetJeff, there is Jaxx to replace him, for every StraightCashHomie, there is OIC, etc…however, there is going to be a point in time where people are going to get tired of being emailed at 2AM his time, asking to tip him, when they’ve got their own problems, or something is going to take other priorities in a den’t life. Hell, TimboSlice went into bankruptcy TWICE and was STILL tipping Phil! Yet, Timbo has yet to be seen on his streams, or if he’s under another alias, we don’t know…and I’m sure someone in his life found out about him tipping Phil and had a intervention about his spending.

  3. Reality is going to sink in with Phil and he will have to admit defeat that he will have to file for bankruptcy ONCE again! Because his loss of income, too much overhead, etc…and he won’t have a choice but to file YET again. Yet, this time, it’ll have to be Chapter 7, which Phil would have to pay back his creditors by liquidation.

  4. Phil has mentioned before that he is working towards getting credit again, as he wants to use his credit cards to get things “fixed” around the house. Also, he has learned NOTHING from the bankruptcy the first time. Nor will he learn anything from this one.

Those are my theories about what is going to happen with Daddy Philly Cheesesteak. I won’t be shocked if he tries to look into it/talk about it in the future.

What do you guys think? Do you think that Phil will hit that iceberg once again…?

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He’s going to start using credit cards again, if he already isn’t using them now and he will go bankrupt again.

I don’t see anymore rich dents coming in to replace the old ones. Jeff was watching Phil from the beginning and OIC came in during 2020, supposedly had some weird gayop plan, then went into sunk cost fallacy while believing Phil cared about him.

With how much Phil has closed himself off, I don’t see it happening unless someone sees a documentary about DSP then get sucked into the rabbit hole. The more obscure Phil gets, the less likely anyone new will come in

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I don’t think he’s ever outright stated that this is on the table for him, but he has subtly hint hinted at it in the recent past - essentially saying that if his financial situation doesn’t improve, he fears that he may have to return to bankruptcy.

( 4:05 )

And of course, he’s also been trying (and failing) to restore his condo to a condition in which he could go for a refinance. Whether it’s a second bankruptcy, or a refinance, or even a fucking interview/documentary - Phil is always looking for a way out.

Phil lives in denial, and he grows ever more delusional each month, it seems. However, despite those truths, there is some very small part of him, waaaaay deep down, that does recognize that he’s a sinking ship, and that’s why he’s always looking for “the out.” He can larp successful on the podcast as much as he wants, but at the end of the day, he still ends up in the Twitter DMs of some literal fucking who in an attempt to garner another five minutes of internet fame. And for whatever reason, Phil has deemed interviews/documentaries as the most plausible solution for his sinking ship, currently.

I mean, just in the last year, there was the SideScrollers, then Phil tried to run behind Keem’s back with Boogie and Wings, then Phil tried to use DSPReacts as a platform to start doing interviews, then he was considering talking with Turkey Tom, then we had Mike Clum, then we had Jay Hooft (RTU’s former editor) and now he’s trying to make the best of this Joon The King situation.

Obviously, there’s a pattern here, and despite failing at this over and over, he’s still gunning for those five minutes of internet fame. Basically, deep down, he knows that he’s fucked, but instead of looking for a real, long-term solution, à la - “the ten year plan” he prefers to look for these quick and lazy band-aid solutions that always blow up in his face, and leave him stranded on Level 1.

Do I think he’ll file for a second bankruptcy? Maybe… although I think he’d lean towards a refinance first, but it’s clear that Phil prefers to find his out with internet fame rather anything real and concrete.

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Phil’s already flat out admitted his big brained MLG fag tard move is to eventually wait out the bankruptsy and take a second mortgage out on his house. And Phil’s biggest issue is going to be they’re going to grant him the loan because a house is the ultimate collateral. And when he can’t pay it anymore, because even OIC’s coin purse weighs so much, the bank is going to come and throw him out.

Also, I saw that Space Balls reference, and I appreciate it.

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And that’s why I think bankruptcy 2: The Search For More Money is going to happen. He always thinks “This problem? Future me can handle it.” Not realizing that Phil is his own worst detractor. Yeah, he’ll get to refinance his home, get the money he wants, at the interest rates they are currently at right now, maybe even HIGHER, go through that money while begging for tips, and when that monthly mortgage statement comes in and it’s HIGHER than usual, the begging is going to be higher and higher…until he’s gonna come on stream and go “Now, guys! Now, I know I’ve been asking a LOT of you guys for money, but I’m seriously am going to lose my house.” and the Save The House stream 2: This time, it’s real! Snort, he’ll say he will need to raise $1,000 extra than what his YouTube check normally is, but he also needs bigger tips and SuperChats, etc…and, he’ll fall short of the goal.

And here comes Bankruptcy 2: Electric Bugaloo. He’ll blame everyone but himself. He’ll say he’s just an Italian, he’s did nothing wrong, it’s YouTube’s fault, its the Cannon brothers fault, his mom and dad couldn’t bail him out, etc…it’s everyone else’s fault, but Phil? Well, he did nothing wrong He did everything correct.

Do I think Dave is going to go crying back to his parents house? I do see that. I see him making the excuse that he had to move back to Bridgeport because his parents are old, he had to get rid of his mature adult house, and you’ll hear him saying that yeah the weather sucks on Bridgeport, but least he can have authentic Italian food, and hearing mama Burnell going “Phillip, dinner’s ready.”, while going “Mom, I told you NOT to bother me when I’m at work!” and that Virginia Slim dangling from her mouth, as she slips him his plate, and kissing his ass and going “Phillip, its so good to see you home. I’ll do your laundry in a bit.” While his chat finally see’s him for the loser that he truly is, that a guy that’s middle aged and his mom doing his laundry and making him food.

I think he’d honestly go full blown code red before he’d loose the house. Granted, he’s shamelessly begged before and cried about the danger of loosing the house before, but if it were an actual danger, Phil would sell out in a nanosecond. He’d be on Lolcow live showing off his Champions account and oinking before he’d go back home and risk having to get day job for modest pay.

As for that not working and him still having to go back home, he’d still figure out some way to guilt trip mommy and daddy into letting him keep doing it, and I bet Linda would fall for it. We know them dying is his retirement plan and that he was spoiled rotten brat that was given everything he wanted. It’s why that Wolverine doll burned his ass so bad, it’s the one time he ever got told no.

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I can see that, too. Yet, before he does, he’ll have a “Save The House 2” stream and raise a few hundred dollars, all while praying and begging for ANYONE to come save his ass. I have a feeling that day of him selling out is coming, also. When? I don’t know…but he has to know that his time is coming up SHORT, as a video he puts out, he gets less than a 1,000 views! Even on videos that have been out for a few weeks…and he has 200,000 subscribers! I still think that sub count are from dead/deserted channels.

I have a crazy theory, again, this is a theory. He’s waiting for his parents to die FIRST, so he can get the house that is already paid off, he would just have to pay the property taxes and insurance, move back to Bridgeport, sell the WAkhando, take whatever money he can, and move back to Bridgeport. Sure he’ll make up some bullshit that the house “smells like his childhood”, how he “misses his parents.” Sure, Phil. You were surprised when you found out your dad was a Marine. Every detractor knows the lore of Dave Burnell: a Marine, while after serving his country, went to work at Sirosky as a shop tech, went to night school, got his Bachelors in Quality Management, with a GPA of 3.9, worked his way up to Customer Support Director, got laid off, taught quality management in the university level, went back to earn his Doctorates in Quality Management and now runs his own company as a Director of Quality. I highly doubt that his dad is going to bring back Phil in a director’s role as a nepotism hire, no. He’s learned from THAT mistake! Phil will run that company into the GROUND quicker than you can say “Um, it’s Tevin’s fault.” Unless that job is to do nothing.

Again, another crazy theory - the only way Phil would EVER go back into the working world if it’s a job where he doesn’t talk to anyone, he sends out a few emails, and he can play gacha. Again, I think Phil has the idea that once his father kicks the bucket, he thinks his business partners are gonna bring him on as a director role…and knowing that pigroach luck, I will be laughing my ass off if his father’s wish is to bring him in the company, because I do think Linda wears the pants in that marriage and part of that “plan” is to bring in Phil in a imaginary business role. I’ve seen businesses do this, where they give their sons/daughters bullshit roles in the company, give them a bullshit title, and tell them “Now, you do this…” while giving them just enough money to make them feel important, when in actuality, they do jack and shit. They’re as useless as tits on a bull. Jesus, imagine Phil at his mature adult desk, playing gacha all day, he doesn’t have to talk to anyone, and he can come in whenever he wants, and gets paid for it. Knowing that pigroach luck, it’ll happen.

I didn’t know any of that actually. I’m assuming though that daddy already has stepped down and it’s being run by people that don’t have their heads jammed in their asses. He’s already learned his son is a useless halfwitt, and he’s not about to let his life’s work go to waste over it. Though I’d absolutely be willing to bet he’s getting the house, a pay day fatter than his wife and I suspect a few other assets. No way in hell does David fish and not have a fishing boat with how loaded he is. Though yes, I suspect once they die Phil will indeed be crying… tears of joy as he gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for lucking out and being born to a mother and father that made something of them selves.

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I know what you mean by “selling out” but I want to make it a point that he is selling out currently, but in a different way. Just about every single playthrough he does has a dedicated whale, now.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was the impetus for this, where Phil straight up admitted that the entire playthrough was supported, by in large, by one person. Since then, just about every game has followed suit. Fallout 4 has whale, Star Wars has an anonymous whale, Crab Game had a whale, Phil was told that he’d have whale for Dragon’s Dogma 2, but he quit that game too quickly for it to pan out, the Throwback streams have a whale, and now GameTrekker is back for Hades 2.

People whaling for certain games is nothing new, obviously, but my point is that the ratio of whaled to unwhaled streams has increased. Phil has begun to rely on this these weird, behind the scenes agreements just to keep his channels afloat. And this is why Phil shits his pants every Sunday during the react streams - because these are the only recurring streams he does where he knows that he isn’t guaranteed support, so he freaks out and begs like a crackhead the entire time.

His business has never been more bought and sold than it is currently. This is what he’s decided on, as his band-aid solution to the decline in tips and supporters. He’s become a literal whore just to be able to pay his electricity bill… his internet bill…

I haven’t put too much thought into the specifics of exactly what he’d do in this situation, but regardless, yeah… it’s painfully obvious that he’s just waiting on his parents to die so that he can use their house as a payday. Whether he sells it, or sells the Wakhando, whatever… this is definitely one of his end goals.

David may make good money, but they’re not loaded. Linda spends all of their money on QVC bullshit.

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You’re talking about a high up tech of a helicopter company turned business owner. Was he let go at Sikorski? Yes. Was he fired like his dipshit spawn? No. That’s the kind of position servance packages, he was bought out. Given he was high up enough to get his son hired onto a position he was horribly under qualified for. Then he goes onto having enough good will in the local industry to open a consulting firm. I’d legit bet on them having a shocking amount of money. There’s no way Phil would be as bad with money as he is if dear old dad wasn’t able to just buy what he wanted, when he wanted and have money to spare. Hell, we know Phil was spoiled brat just with the way he views his belongings.

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Counterpoint - Linda. It’s obvious from some of his talks that he inherited the spendthrift genes from his mom who kept buying worthless shit from QVC back in the day (and still does). I wouldn’t be surprised that if Dave goes first that Linda will have to beg her dumb son for some robust support after she wastes all of Dave’s money.


According to Dave’s LinkedIn page, I don’t have LinkedIn and REFUSE to have one, Dave still works at the company he founded as a Director Of Quality. Again, he could be there on a part-time basis or as a consulting basis or semi-retired. Not sure, but I think he still works, as that boomer mentality of “I can’t leave my baby.” still holds strong. Also, it’s to get away from Linda.

As far as him crying tears of joy once his parents die, ohhhh YES! I was listening to an older episode of WPIG, Phil let slip he was “pressured” into marrying Khat AND this gem: “The truth of that matter, the real reason I went back to CT was I knew this was gonna be the last time I was going to see at least one of them alive.”

Which already put in my mind, besides he’s already an irredeemable piece of shit, but WOW! He already wants on of them to die, so he can avoid Bankruptcy 2, so he can get that sweet cash. Again, that’s my theory.


I’m not saying you’re wrong about Linda going through money like poop through a goose. The Guy had to get it from somewhere after all. I’m just saying I bet there is a lot more money than Phil has ever let on. That being said, her spending habits would likely have put a strain on the house hold budget. I guess the real question here is just how much.

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