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Fuck sickos. I hate sickos more than I love Ozzy toobz.

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Boglim Chronicles video from a few days ago. You can see a lot of Josh’s shit is packed up in boxes.

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Believe it or not, but under that mountain of cheese and bacon bits is half a bag of Cheetos

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Still better than that “home made” pizza Phil made

Despite the recent hope of freedom. Joshie caved to NAT’s insanity and once again has his Facebook relationship status set as “in a relationship”.

Remember kids don’t stick your dick in crazy.

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Not Cobra but looks like his lady is trolling Cyraxx

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Joshy uploaded a quick drink combo. Apparently, these black walls and drop-ceiling tiles are a dead giveaway that this is Clint’s basement. Could just be temporary as he’s moving into a new place, or he could be back to living with his Dad.

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Imagine bringing Jessica back to this swanky pad.

I believe Jessica is the exception to this rule.

Josh appeared on some sort of retard boglim group-stream last night. It’s a pretty hard watch, because it’s just a bunch of literal retards, who’s microphones are all at different volume levels, constantly talking over each other.

Josh confirms that he’s living with his dad “”“temporarily”“” while he tries to find a new place. At ( 9:50 ) Cyraxx joins the call, and starts taking about trolls or something. I don’t know.

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Honestly it was pretty hilarious how Cobes just left when Cyraxx was talking at him, TWU. The rest seemed unbearable though. Kind of stupid for him to admit he’s staying at Clint’s but we all knew it anyway. I’m sure Doordash orders will be coming in nicely soon, toobz.

Raxx is so retarded that the dumbest person in the CobraVerse (including cobes himself) can get one over him.

The boy went live, finally! I’m curious to hear y’all’s takes on the new saga. I might be a couple Whale Tail and tonics in too deep, but I think he FRESHLY moved into a trailer that is not on Clunt’s property. The walls were very white, and while he was in the basement he’d vape but not smoke actual cigarettes. And I think he learned his lesson about smoking inside while at the Conquistadors. He was still acting pretty weird so I wonder if maybe he’s in the process of moving right now but Clit’s helping and he’s probably been pretty harsh with “DON’T DOX YOURSELF, BOY!” but Josh was probably itching for a vid (and some money). Something still was off, but still, I’m hoping to get a much needed break from DSP because man if I hear the helicopter/twitch/etc rant one more time I swear…
Link though I wouldn’t be surprised if he deletes after what he’s learned from the sea hag.

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Yeah, looks like it. He keeps talking about how he has to get his internet set up, which isn’t something he would need to do at Clint’s. And he says that he’s only allowed to smoke in this one room of the ““house”” , but the door needs to be closed and the window needs to be opened, which is oddly specific. He also keeps muting and unmuting himself during ths stream, as if there’s someone else there.

It’s just a little weird, because he uploaded this doordash video the day before, and he says that it’s going to take him a while to get setup in his new place (which, to me sounds like “I’m going to be in Clint’s basement for a while”) but then the very next day he’s streaming from the new place. Maybe he’s moving back and forth, or just hanging out at his new place when he brings some of his stuff over.

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Josh christens his new pad with some Skittles mead, TWU. :fire:

Some pics of the new place. He’s keeping his mead on a shelf, in the closet of his new bedroom.

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I’m waiting to see when Jessica shows up in that trailer. Smart move getting it by Clint.

Josh broke his cell phone… again. He needs $155 to replace it,TWU. :fire: No more live’s or cooking streams until he gets a new one.

He’s only had this phone for four months, after he punched the last phone until he broke the screen.

Check out that mead toobz