Heavy Metal Thread

Thread title, discuss metal, its subgenres, engage in autistic elitist slapfights, post some epic metal you’ve listened to recently or new releases you’re hyped for, you know the drill.
I’ll start by posting this obscure USPM banger album.

Oliver Magnum - Oliver Magnum (1989)

Mgla (pronouned Mig-Wuh) is one of the greatest brands of all time and criminally underrated. Great for new comers and long time listeners alike. Brutal, but clean recording.

Been listening to Radio Tapok. They’re a Russian group who started off doing Sabaton covers but have started to make his own music. “Rasputin” and “Tsushima” being my current favorites

I’m going to a Lamb of God + Mastodon show in July so I’ve been listening to them. Admittedly I’ve barely heard from either of them and to be honest I really enjoy both. I’m more of a nu-metal/grunge person but heavy metal is something I’m very open to.