Phil talking about other Lolcows

It really is surreal to see Phil manage to do a pretty good job tear about Nick Rekieta and RTU, but it’s still impossible to give him any credit be it all applies to Phil just as much, if not more so. Kino Casino has started covering Phil with the most tongue in cheek praise and it’s pretty funny. Though since they aren’t really familiar with the lore they do miss a lot.

No knock to The Casino, it’s all in good fun.

Where else did y’all find it funny Phil’s right but lacks any and all self awareness?

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Phil got distracted by a superchat talking about Kino Casino this morning.


Phil’s response.


I’d Dave can’t even take a complement, but they were felting him basically the entire time. Especially during the RTU part where Phil tried claiming “If I left youtube, well I’m the only one that does this.” which got both Waski and Ashton rolling their eyes.

This morning, someone in Phil’s chat told him that he got a shoutout on TimCast, a political Youtube show.

Context: They were talking about Nick Rekieta’s arrest, and then segued into other internet creators who have “exposed themselves.” The co-host instantly took a jab at DSP.

( 3:44 )

Phil coped about it in chat, and tried to bring Boogie into it, to make himself look better.


Chat Messages


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If all that happened was he made some knuckle gravy on a pre-stream, he wouldn’t be brought up still by the whole internet. It’s the fact he tried to hide it at first by doing false strikes.