📝 Rules, Restreams, and Resources

Rules and Regulations:

  • Do not compare yourself to DSP. If you feel the need to tell other people that you are better than DSP, you are not.

  • Do not try to deplatform DSP. If DSP does not have a platform, we cannot point and laugh.

  • No trolling plans. No gayops. Do not talk about committing crimes. Don’t be a retard.

  • Stay on topic. This is a forum to talk about DSP, not yourself.

  • No gay slapfights. Keep it to yourself.

  • If someone is breaking the rules or shitting up the forum, please report them. You can flag the post, or reach out to a moderator.


  • @RawPhil runs a great raw restream of DSP.

Gameplay restreams can be found on his main channel.

React restreams can be found on his second channel.

Raw Phil’s Odysee page


  • @DDM also runs a more laid-back restream, with emotes and sound effects.


  • PigPigGo

Use this search engine to find instances of specific words or phrases that Phil has used in his content. Run by DSP Institute on Twitter. x.com

  • Archive Chat Logs

A repository for messages typed in DSP’s chat, across his various channels. Run by @ThirdWorldDetractor



  • DSP Tips Tracker

A repository for DSP’s tips, superchats, and other financial information. Run by @PieceOfPeace