Sonic Sol aka DarkSydeSol aka Joshua Lindo

A topic has been long overdue for this streamer specimen.

Sonic Sol's Info

Name: Sonic Sol aka Joshua Lindo
DOB: 1st December 1994
Address: 112-12 201st St, Saint Albans, Queens NY 11412

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The lack of content out there on sol as of late has been due to textbook copyright strikes totally not by Sol.

Admittedly he is above average at fighting games, but he spends the majority of his 8hr streams playing the pity card. Historically he has had a track record of being an A-Grade lolcow junior talent online but lack of content channels or general documenting has led to digging deep to find stuff. Thankfully it seems to be changing with channels popping up to document him regardless of his habit of attempting channel strikes. most recent notable events was his evo Japan ban after a meltdown on his channel which flowed into other popular streamer channels and led to him wishing death on chatters. needless to say you can guess he turned this ban into a pity party, both on twitter and on stream.

To be Continued… (feel free to reply with notable events below and I can work on categorizing them, just need to centralize the lore behind this cow)


Japan, the painted beard man is on his way to discover your culture. Enjoy


Bro looking like Mr. Potato Head got a hold of a permanent marker and his cat’s fur for eyebrows. Why all these lolCows have the same exact M.O. of looking massively retarded?:grin:

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