Video Game Thread

I’m playing Fallout 4 right now and am loving it. I went in expecting it to be terrible because of how it was described online. The story is decent enough and I don’t view it as awful like how other people have described it.

Been playing Stellar Blade because I’m not a machoor adult-style human. Despite being Diet Nier: Automata, it’s been an absolute blast to play

I’ve been playing Soul Hackers 2, it’s pretty awesome. If you’ve played Shin Megami Tensei, you know what to expect.

I’ve been replaying Nioh. It’s really weird to describe it but it’s at the same time harder and easier than Nioh 2. The balance in Nioh 1 is off especially from NG++ and onwards but it’s off for both the player and the enemies. Heavy armor becomes useless unless it’s something like you’re doing a dual katana iaijutsu build and therefore have to use Ashikaga Yoshiteru’s set which is heavy, enemies just kill you in 1-2 hits. At the same time, you can easily build some OP playstyle with katana/dual katana/odachi iaijutsu or infinite Living Weapon or some OP skill for other weapons that kill every boss in 1 hit.

You can’t be nearly as powerful in Nioh 2 (there was only one ninjutsu feather build that could 1HKO every boss but it was very quickly patched out) but you also don’t die in 1-2 hits even in NG+++ and beyond, even if wearing light armor.

Also, forgot to mention but the game has a DSP weapon ack ack ack!

I remember playing this when the DS first came out and I liked it. It was my first time actually playing Mario 64. I prefer playing the original/rereleases of the game but this one introduced me to roulette and other casino games. I never did use Wario as him being slow was never fun for me