💪 WWE Champions Spending Thread

Praise TJGamebox for all he does.

Spending ahead of his birthday. Very confident of the money turnout…



This is AFTER Kat bailed on his dumbass.
It’s like every week he spends 500-1000 on this regardless of what money he makes.


He legit is spending at least 90% of his tips money on WWEC. This is some insane shit and this is when his youtube check is slowly shrinking


$14,522 spent on WWEC so far this year.


WWEC Spending 2024

1/6: $1,162
1/13: $442
1/14: $587
1/20 - 1/22: $1,575
1/27 - 1/29: $1,132
2/3 - 2/4: $862
2/15: $690
2/17: $1,228
2/24: $749
3/2: $891
3/15: $1,367
3/27: $736
4/2: $783
4/5 - 4/6: $1,610
4/14: $708

Total: $14,522


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Crunched a few numbers. Phil has spent $3,715 on WWEC in the last 16 days.


783 + 1610 + 708 + 614 = 3,715

april 1

april 14

april 16


Never stop spending Phil, never stop spending. It’s only Dent Dollars and will never run out, lol.

Saw a tractor mention WWEC is having a big sale leading to some CM Punk content since hes back in WWE.

I know mobile games often tout some can’t-miss sale and the guy is already in financial free fall with 1MM breaking pignosis if at least temporarily, but if true, a WWEC special offer could amp up the begging/urgency and now suddenly we have some chargebacks

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I guess it’s worth noting there was an event last week where Phil was ranked pretty highly, but TJ couldn’t estimate how much he spent. Considering where he is I would imagine it was a nice pull session.


God that is depressing. Not even for a new game. This fucker is begging for booster packs


I figured I’d keep a running total of how much Phil has spent on WWEC this year, and update the number at the beginning of each month. (I meant to update this a few days ago, but I forgot.)

As of May 1st 2024, Phil has spent between $14,314 and $15,136 on WWEC.

Why The Discrepancy?

Because of instances like this, in which we cannot know if Phil has obtained a specific JPEG, or not.

It’s worth noting that Phil is guaranteed to have spent more than this, however, we cannot determine how much more, due to the Zombie Event, as seen in @Bobby 's post here. So as always, we will deal in absolute minimum’s which we can know.


Jan 6: $1037 / $1162
Jan 12: $442
Jan 14: $587
Jan 22: $1575
Jan 29: $1132

Feb 5: $862
Feb 16: $690
Feb 17: $1228
Feb 23: $449 / $749

March 1: $641 / $891
March 16: $1367
March 23: $589 / $736

April 1: $783
April 6: $1610
April 14: $708
April 16: $614
April 25: Unknown Spending

Minimum Total: $14,314
Maximum Total: $15,136


After last night’s disaster SF6 stream, Phil spent $2,000 on WWEC.



He went from 4th place at EVO to 1st place on WWE Champions. Who knew dumping a down payment on a house, in most parts of the United States, would be something to have pride in. I’m talking about overall he’s spent IN the app, not just the $2K. If you tally it up, it’s adding up to $200K. Talk about the hero’s journey!

I’m sure he’s bragging to people in the WWE Champions Discord about FINALLY getting first place, after dumping $2K in gacha. That $2K could’ve gone to other things like, oh, I dunno: a trip to Disneyland that Phil once talked about going to with Khat, as she’s never been to California - well, the way things are looking now, that dream won’t come true - or put that towards something he’s been putting off to “fix” things around the mature adult condo.

I know he has an addictive personality and he’s always had a spending issue. Also, let’s never forget he used to brag on Instagram of his gacha pulls in games like Marvel Future Fight along with Dragon Ball Z: Dokan Battle If my memory serves correct, someone found how much he spent in Marvel Future Fight and he spent about $5K on that, Phil went total “No, I didn’t, dood!” Snort

Someone on Twitter, I wish I saved it, they found the resale value of the Heavy statue and it was about $250. Because, he ALWAYS plays Team Fortress 2 and Heavy is his preferred character to use.

I’ve mentioned this before, but the whole mature adult “business” is just a front for his gambling addiction. Nothing more, nothing less. He can sit and beg, while complaining how hard his life is, while he waddle’s around in his mature adult midsize condo, and beg dents for their SSI checks, so when he hits his goal, he can go back to his one love: spending.


Given how good the USD-JPY exchange rate is right now he could’ve easily treated Fhet to a 7 day trip to Japan that she wants very much. Around $2k is how much me and muh waif points the thumb spent when we went.

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Looks like he spent – or grinded – for the last bit of this contest. He is determined to be #1 for this.


Bahahaha Imagine your only thrill in life is being #1 in spending on sweaty bulging men jpegs. Best part is he never lasts more then an hour until the real whales (God they must look like some winners) end up dethroning him.

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The total (so far) is $2,095. Incredible.

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I want to know how he was able to accumulate $2k to dump like that.

Did both his mom lend him the money?
Behind the scenes tips?

Credit cards?




It’s now $1,634. You can make it to #1! C’mon!