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“If a simple summary is suffice enough, do not give DSP your money. DSP is a hateful, stupid, immoral liar, and any perception to the contrary is irrefutably wrong.

Get a job, DSP.


DSP and his Wife are both fat and I would not fuck either one.


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I feel this needs to be preserved for future generations


On the podcast today, Phil talked about a game called “Marvel Rivals.” It’s a PC game that’s free to play, it’s made by a mobile game developer, and it’s rife with micro-transactions. He said he wants to play it. You can’t make this shit up.

If it plays like a gacha version of Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance. He’ll jump all over that game.

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Well it can turn into a rare “win” for Phil.
He can maybe turn this into his new wwec, but he will be able to play it on stream.

The whales get to watch Phil play the shitty mobile game they are bankrolling and Phil gets to do pulls on stream and not having to bother pretending he plays an actual game.

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This has late chill streams written all over it

As of Alone in the Dark we now have a MAJOR stream improvement

The new tier 3 reward is now a tie

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Over the past week or so, Phil has given three differing narratives regarding the whaling of Bauldur’s Gate 3.

March 23 - Phil admits that there was a select group, consisting of only a few people, who solely supported each Bauldur’s Gate stream.

March 29 - Phil says there are five people who tipped for Bauldur’s Gate, with one tipper, specifically, carrying the game on his shoulders. If it were not for this one incredibly generous tipper, Phil says, the game would have been completely dead. 1MM was among the other four tippers.

March 30 - Phil says there are ten people that tipped for Bauldur’s Gate, and these tippers would show up on different days. Phil confirms that it was, in fact, the same ten people.

This dude can’t keep a narrative straight to save his life.

How many different stupid names were used to whale for this game? How many anonymous tips got Phil to the goal? And yet, Phil is adamant that all of these tips came from the same small group of people.

I know that Phil likes to occasionally fall back on the idea of being able to see email addresses on Paypal, and nothing else. However, I feel that this is definitive proof that Phil is completely full of shit when he says that he has no clue who these anonymous tips come from.

Even if you allow him to run with his most generous narrative here - that ten people whaled for this game, that doesn’t account for the dozens, if not hundreds of anonymous tips that he received during this playthrough.

Regardless, straight from the Pig’s mouth - this game was whaled, by in large, by one person.


He really can’t. And yet he feels he needs to debunk what is being said about him and his stream on twiTTer and in tractor videos. Things that are rarely if ever brought up in his chat.

His need to debunk everything that is being said about him says a lot about his character. Most of the people in his chat (non LARPers) never asked him to do this and yet he can’t help himself.

Phil has told so many lies over the years and done so many retcons that it is impossible to actually run a narrative. He really should do what he claims to do almost every day and just ignore “the drama”.

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Pretty mentally ill podcast, today.

Remember when the Argentinian memberships kicked off, back in January? Phil claimed that trolls were planning these OPs, publicly, on “forums” and detractor circles.

( 40:23 )

Well, today, Phil recycled this narrative, and again claimed that trolls were publicly planning OPs to get him to react to Bully, in order to fuck him over financially.

(11:30 ) > Phil claims that it was a detractor OP at ( 12:50 )

The claim is exactly the same in both instances - Phil has spies in “detractor circles” who told him, behind the scenes, that trolls were planning OPs to fuck over his business.

Right before the podcast started, Phil deleted his Retro React poll from last night, which showed that Bully was far in the lead for next week’s show. He replaced this poll, with a new one that excluded Bully from the voting options.


You’ll notice that the new poll says that Bully was removed because it was poorly supported, but on the podcast, Phil claimed that this was a troll OP, and that’s why it was removed.

He spun this narrative, after creating the new poll, but before starting the podcast.

This dude is fucking mentally ill.


Tonight’s Star Wars Tip Tard was a manufactured attempt to help Phil build the narrative that Allta Pepull are burnt-out on Phil playing RPGs. They full on made a fake tip war with Phil’s encouragement.


Kinda a sad and pathetic piece of theatre.

They could at least do us the favour of using sock names.
But once again we got to see that Phil is a really bad liar and that he can’t act for shit.
It was for a reason Phil didn’t get any speaking parts in the school productions back in the day.

It will now be interesting to see if the whale can keep up the same energy for more than this one stream of Battlefront.

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The fake Argentinian subs are no longer the problem. Its the RPGs!


DSPGaming is a handholding channel, but it’s also not, but also only mods can handhold. Sound good?


Phil sitting in his chat before starting the podcast, worrying that people are going to forget his birthday.


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The fact that he thinks a feature-length schedule segment is a point of pride sends my side over the Golden State Bridge

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If this is not just him being an obnoxious teenage girl about the thing.

It could be him not really being confident in being showered in money during it.
His events haven’t been doing that well aside from fight n’ feast & 1st SF6 stream both events woth $1K dropped by a single person

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Just wanted to save the thumbnails for Phils birthday bash

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It has a watermark and everything, I’ve been told that is how you can see it’s professional :+1:
#2 (current one)

What is this midlife cope?

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