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Talk about Phil’s fans here. Yes… even Derich.



Lol, I think this makes three times that Derich has tagged a dead whore in his tweets. This dude is a menace.


:crossed_swords: Citizens of Goutopia! Hear ye, hear ye! :crossed_swords:

This man stands trial before you all today, accused of paypigging and behin’ da scenes tomfoolery! What say you?!

This is Jeffrey Davey.

If you’re a fan of the Mesa Encore Theatre out in Arizona, you may know him as… The Fiddler on the Roof!

However, if you mostly hang out around here, you’ll likely know him better as…

PlanetJeff :whale:

jeff tip

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking - hasn’t PlanetJeff been doxed before? Yes, he has. However, I believe that the previous doxes are inaccurate, and I think you’ll agree by the time you’ve finished reading this post.

Walk with me, and I’ll take you through how it all started, where it went wrong, and where it went right again.

Previous Doxes:

The previous doxes never really sat right with me. There are too many inconsistencies between the claims that Jeff made on Phil’s streams, and the information presented in the doxes.

For example, Nigel’s dox shows that Jeff is a civil engineer, or in other words, a city engineer. I’m sure some of you oldfags remember that the Twitter account of the city of Springville, Utah was shut down due to the mass trolling that followed Nigel’s dox.

nigel civil engineer
jeff anderson civil engineer

Twitter Trolling

twitter troll 3

That’s all well and good, however… Jeff claimed to be a software engineer on Phil’s forum. Not a civil engineer.

Another inconsistency being that Jeff supposedly lives in Utah, when, he very plainly stated that he lives in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, during an Ask The King from 2018.

jeff anderson civil engineer

( 16:20 )

And of course, I’m sure many of you remember the “Alive Wife” dox that was making the rounds last year. Obviously, this contradicts what Jeff told Phil, during a Resident Evil stream from January 2019.

( 53:23 )

For either of these doxes to be correct, they must hinge on one notion in particular: that Jeff lied.

He must have lied about his dead wife, about his job title, about his fucking dog - about everything.

This never sat right with me.

Jeff is one of Phil’s most trusted and most loyal whales. I just couldn’t buy the idea that he would have spun this convoluted web of lies, behind the scenes, for years and years, seemingly… for no reason.

More on Nigel’s dox:

I believe that Nigel’s dox was based off of three things:

1.) The presence of “Albertson’s” gas stations in the state of Utah.

2.) The discovery of a Utah woman with the last name “Anderson” who died around the time that PlanetJeff’s wife supposedly died.

Rachel Anderson

3.) A “Jeff Anderson” being employed as a civil engineer for the city of Springville, Utah, who was also Valedictorian of his graduating class, just as PlanetJeff was.

linkedin valedictorian civil engineer

How It Started:

I was going through some old Ask The King streams using PigPigGo, when I stumbled upon, what appeared to be, Youtube comments from PlanetJeff.

Youtube Details

Found on these videos:



jeff youtube 1



Right away, I assumed that these comments must be from an imposter. Someone probably saw that these old DSP videos have open comments, and they wanted to troll.

However, upon closer inspection, I found that these comments pre-date Nigel’s dox. They were all posted before October 2019. Before Jeff supposedly disappeared. Not only that, but the typing style is identical to PlanetJeff’s chatlogs.

woot 1

This activated my autism.

By simply googling “PlanetJeff” I found a user on a small, politcal news website that goes by the same name. The account was created in the early 2000’s and was active as recently as late last year.

daily kos 1
( planetjeff at Daily Kos )

This PlanetJeff lives in Mesa, Arizona, a suburb right outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Just as our PlanetJeff claimed. He’s also a software engineer, just like our PlanetJeff.

daily kos role call

He also types identically to PlanetJeff’s chatlogs, forum posts, and the Youtube comments I mentioned previously.

jeff speak 7

There are also a few other interesting tidbits, such as his date of birth, which makes him even older than the current “Jeff Anderson” profile, but he also states that he lived in Germany as a child.

daily kos 3

Pretty spooky, huh? And wouldn’t you know it, there are several Albertson’s gas stations in Mesa, Arizona.

mesa albertsons

A Little Help:

It was at this point when I reached out to @Buta , and asked for his help.

Buta is a kick-ass doxer, and he’s one of the most trustworthy people I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with in The Vortex. I showed him the Youtube comments and the Daily Kos news site, and he told me he’d see what he could find.

Buta found everything.

This is the smoking gun - a Paypal account that uses the PlanetJeff moniker, which was registered using the name “Jeffrey Davey.”

paypal 1

Searching for this name in the appropriate avenues will lead you to a Jeffrey Davey that lives in Mesa, Arizona.

jeffrey search

Jeff's Information

dox info 1

dox info 4

Lucky for us, Jeffrey Davey is on Facebook!

davey facebook

His Facebook username is literally… @ PlanetJeff

facebook at

He lives in Mesa, he’s a software engineer, he used to live in Germany, just like the PlanetJeff from the Daily Kos, and once again, his typing style is indentical to all of the previous examples.

germany places lived


facebook germany

More Typing Comparisons

facebook speak 2

facebook speak 3

facebook speak 4

If you scroll back through his Facebook far enough, you’ll find the deceased wife. Debra Jo Davey, who died in the summer of 2018, just like Jeff told Phil.



You’ll also see Jeff’s dog, Scotch! A scottish terrior. The same dog that Jeff told Phil about, when Jeff tipped $1,000 for the Jasper Reveal in 2019!

( 23:03 ) → Phil reads the tip message at ( 25:15 )

Scotch 2

And if you scroll waaaay back, you’ll find a very peculiar profile picture. This gay muppet thing. This is the same profile picture that Jeff used on his Patreon. You’ll notice that Jeffrey posted this photo to Facebook in 2014. Jeff didn’t create his Patreon until 2015. This is where the picture originated.

Patreon pfp

*One more interesting connection - Buta found Jeff’s Star Citizen profile, which once again places him in Arizona. Star Citizen is something that Jeff talked about in his very first post on Phil’s forum.

EDIT :pig: : Forgot to include that Jeff posted his phone number and email address on Facebook, which corroborates the personal information posted previously.


email lol

Now Guys…

So, that’s it. I hope this has been meaningful and informative for all of you.

TLDR: You can all go back to making Planet Dead Wife jokes again :heart: :earth_americas:

Thanks again to @Buta for all of your help.

And thank you to @ThirdWorldDetractor for keeping a fantastic archive of DSP chatlogs, and to @AgentProper for hearing me out :saluting_face:



Now this SHOCKS me.
Good fucking work to everyone involved. This is massive.


His email is associated to the theatre recruitment as well



well done
well done

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Well hell, I was not expecting to read that tonight.


I was not expecting this at all but MASSIVE ups to you and @Buta for your turbo autism o7


Friggen awesome! Cheers thanks all involved. Finally a face to the CuntyMcCunt of all Cunts.


A+++++++ to @CIMC @Buta for this terrific display of autism.



This is great autism. The dox done on Jeff last year, which was never written in a post, was based off of Nigel’s dox. Assuming Jeff had lied seemed reasonable but this is great. Jeff going from a Mormon living through Phil to this makes so much more sense.


Re-upload for less tism.


Planetjeff has been a bad boy lately.

Over .20 BAC means that he was probably blackout drunk at the time.

Average Blood Alcohol Content in Men by Weight.

Under Arizona law, an extreme DUI means that Jeff may have gone to jail for 30 days.

Does anyone remember any OMM absence when that may have happened?

@CIMC pointed out that Jeff has a Tesla, so he may have been using the autopilot in his drunken joyrides, which I think is both hilarious and probable.


That is thought. Is PJ got hammered and tried to autouber home. I have no idea how to get so drunk that you can’t drive a robot home.

At least he didn’t try to rob a train


I guess it doesn’t matter but I found it kind of interesting that Jeff’s wife was 15 years older than him. I think if I’m reading everything correctly he was 30 and she was 45 when they met in 1998


Big ups to 100Gecs on Twitter for finding PlanetJeff’s twitter account. This gives us a 1-to-1 link between DSP and Jeff.

This twitter account has his face, his dog, tweets at DSP - everything. 100% confirmed.


Jeff's Tweets

jeff twitter 3

jeff twitter 4

Funny enough, Kagome (Lynnie9000 / Fox Mulder) follows Jeff on twitter.

jeff twitter 5

jeff  twitter 7

jeff twitter 9