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Because it’s DSP. Also, I love how he went off on his chat and asked for suggestions, did his passive aggressive voice of “Well, you’re late and you should’ve done this a long time ago.” and the fucker went “Well, shut your mouth!”

Also, I love how he blamed his chat for the submitted clips for the low views. I thought Phil wasn’t supposed to be Mr. Views…?

I WISH there was someone there to tell him the following during today’s beg-rant: “Well Phil, you always say your business model is playing the games you like, having a great time and the audience will enjoy the good vibes and donate for the positive content. If you’re not seeing views and support it’s not a matter of people asking you to play the wrong game or not showing up, YOU FAILED to entertain the crowd.” It’s his own words and his own logic.


People have before…and he’s either called them an “idiot” or has outright banned them. Phil wants money for sitting on stream. Honestly, and I’ve said this before, I think his whole “business” is a front to fund his gambling addiction. That’s it. If you’re not buying into his “business”, you’re a “mouth drooler”, “idiot”, “moron”, “loser.” the typical buzzwords of Dave.

And it’s been mentioned before, Phil sees EVERYONE as an asset. He sees his parents as assets and as a way to get ahead in life. You can give Phil a $1,000 on a day stream, he’ll COME back on his night stream and say “I’m broke”. He’s mentioned this before, and I’ve committed this quote to memory - that and I have a semi-photographic memory - “Whatever money I make on the day stream, that money is already gone. On the night stream, the tips, Superchats, etc…that counter goes back to zero.”

You can’t tell Phil anything different than what he wants to believe. Give him money for being fucking lazy and if your goose step is just a BIT off, you can get easily banned.


Mother of God…


  • End of stream, berates audience for not supporting for 10 minutes
  • 15 minute Daily Wrap where he berates audience for not supporting
  • Tells us that we will be talking about this tomorrow on the Podcast

Phil is pulling some real scummy shit with Hades 2.

Phil’s channel has been completely bought and sold for the last six months - every playthrough has a dedicated whale. Phil pulled GameTrekker out of his mother’s cult to whale for this game, but Noah’s measly $30 isn’t enough for this motherfucker, so we’re flying off the handle and belittling the audience for even suggesting that he play this game.

This is the Scorn Incident 2.0


I mean that’s just standard narcissist MO, seeing people not as other people but as tools to be exploited either through using them as narcissistic supply or to advance themselves in some way. Those often overlap, for example the unpaid inDENTured servants that edit his thrown-out-back videos. They both advance his goals (tho to be fair the viewership on that channel is so shit he only gets pennies out of it) and feed into his supply, he gets to feel important because he has other people doing the bitchwork for him. Best part is when he cries about how hard he works for the thrown-out-back channel and it gives him so little in return when he does NOTHING for the channel by his own admission.

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Holy hell! Phil is on a bigger than usual toxic rant. His boomer take is “this generation” on why he can’t keep an audience and a level of support…and how they all want “instant gratification”

Also, those “silly gimmicks”? Well, he doesn’t care about them anymore, but he does keep them around…

I would say that the whole “instant gratification” thing is projection, as Phil is all about instant gratification. Forget the king of hate, he’s the king of “I want it NOW!!!” He’s a spoiled child in a 42 year old gouty man’s pigroach body.

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This guy has spent basically the entire prestream guilt tripping the dents saying it’s their fault for not tipping and that he’s doing what they asked him to do. He even blamed them for not being able to take Kat on a honeymoon and brought up the fucking Wolverine toy.


OMG! I gotta see this clip! As far as not going on that honeymoon, Phil claimed he needed it to get on the payment plan for the back taxes…And his own mother wanted to pay for them to go on the honeymoon, but they decided not to.

So, is the truth finally coming out about why him and soulmaid didn’t go?

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Oh this isn’t even gold dust anymore, we’re in a full-blown gold mine


Un-fucking-believable rant. Over an hour of crackhead tweaking, yelling at the audience, over one slow day of streams. I don’t even know what the fuck to say about it. Absolutely insane.

We’re getting rid of Multiversus (which hit the tips goal) and we’re keeping Hades 2 (which did not hit the tips goal, but does have a dedicated whale) and adding some meme-shit survival horror game to the schedule, to bandage the channel until the Elden Ring DLC comes out.

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I’m catching up with Tweets from Josh Poems and…holy shit on a cross! Once the clippers upload it later, I’m on that like Phil on a six star Hogan pull. This is what came up as soon as I opened up the bird app.

Chat: “You have to make your viewers (want to) show up.”
DSP: “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.”

Mature adult with a business degree, everyone.

I’ll give Phil a hint, it’s him. The reason his dents show up to a chill night is Phil isn’t bitching the entire fucking time about things he knows nothing about, or in the case of Street Fighter 6, bitches about something he knows just barely enough about to somehow be even more wrong than a complete newbie. And that Phil is a breath of fresh air. Though eventually, they’ll get sick of that too.

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This is what happens when Dave spends a little bit of money on his business and the velcro doesn’t part.

Can you imagine if he was actually spending 5K on the business a month and the dents didn’t buy in?

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Sorry about the confusion.

I’ll be around working away on the site after my work days. Big ups.


Big ups, a website has a lot that can go wrong, glad you managed to get it back even if it’s a backup.

Well, Phil ruined that $300 fighting stick, but now, he has another one from a “generous” fan.

Also, I love how he voided the warranty on the fighting stick and just went “Well, guess it’s broken.” Also, him using that Swiss Army knife! OMG! He doesn’t have a screwdriver that’s flat as his head? Or, his feet?

Yeah, that “fixing” the fighting stick stream was PAINFUL!

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Just swung by to tell you guys that I finally did it. I found someone as lolcow-y as Phil out in the wild.

There’s this new co-worker of mine who’s a total dick. Does the typical narcissist shit: complains other people are slowing him when it’s not the case and it’s just his laziness, works in a disorganized fashion that makes it harder for the rest of us, bad attitude, told me to go help a colleague who dropped some papers from a printer clean up and when I convinced him to be a gentleman and do it himself he literally walked over there to half ass it and wound up telling her to do it on her own.

He actually does this shit a lot where he tells people to do something or help him and then he just stands there watching you do all the work and he contributes nothing to the tasks. He also keeps asking me for bubblegum even though he could get some for himself. Typical lazy bum dickhead stuff!

But the thing that took the cake today and made me think he’s like DSP is that he started talking like a smartass about shit HE HAD NO CLUE about: technology. This dumbass thought Lenovo was a Serbian formerly owned by the U.S. company (It’s actually Chinese) he also kept talking about being a gamer/PC expert and yet he thinks using an incognito tab makes the PC run faster because “well it uses less memory to store your browsing history”. He also thought World of Warcraft was a browser game that you don’t need to download, you just play it in a browser tab. He doesn’t understand how an ad blocker works for YouTube. I pressed him on the matter and as it turns out this dude’s only PC experience is having an ASUS laptop for the past 5 or so years (Intel i5 doesn’t know which gen - 4GB RAM - no graphics) and he also thought liquid nitrogen coolers were a commonplace normal thing that gamers use. I swear this dude is like a treasure if you want to make up quotes that Phil would say. Complete fucking idiot!

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Calling it now: when they expose the Trump shooter, who he was and his social media, it’s gonna turn out to be a DSP fan.

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Dave is just begging for gay-ops by being a petulant, secretive turd. They found his Firestone account immediately, got into it and got his invoice in a day. His medical records aren’t that much more difficult to find.

He deserves it. I am not saying we’re doing it here, but he DOES deserve it.